All Love is Equal - No on 8 - Amy Paffrath

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kitsonE!’s own Giuliana Rancic hosted an event at Kitson last night called All Love is Equal.  The night was all about creating awareness and garnering support to reverse California’s prop 8.

Celebs showed their support including Missi Pyle, Shawnee Smith, Boo boo Stewart, Greg Michael and  Hal Sparks.


I was asked to take place in a mock wedding to demonstrate the opposition  gay marriage faces.  My friend Jennifer Goldberg and I happily participated to make a point.  I am all for equal rights.  It is 2009 and there is no reason we should oppress people based on anything let alone their sexual orientation.  I was raised Catholic, I am a practicing Christian and I find nothing wrong with a man loving a man or a woman loving a woman.  To me, Love is Love.  How can anyone be against that? I have many gay friends and they should be allowed every freedom that you and I have.  Who they date is their choice not mine.  No one is forcing me to marry a woman.  But everyone deserves the right to be happy in this life.  The moderator of the event said it best “Politicians take an oath on the bible to uphold the constitution, the don’t take and oath on the constitution to uphold the bible. ”  She also mentioned that 1500 species, ranging from primates to gut worms, exhibit homosexual behaviors.  How can we go against nature?  Whether you agree with me or not, I took a stand for what I believe in.  You are free to do the same!headboots

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