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Greetings friends!

amesTis the season for sharing! To me, that means giving back to my community.  If you are able to log on to a computer and read this blog, you are more fortunate than a substantial portion of the world.  It’s important not to take our privileged lifestyles for granted.  We don’t have to wait for the holidays to come around to get involved.  It just so happens American Women in Radio and Television organized a star studded charity event at the Los Angeles Food Bank.  I along with my close friend Emily Morris and Drew Seeley, went to lend a helping hand.  In just 4 hours, we put together 1088 bags of food for the elderly!  We had so much fun in the process.  foodIt feels incredibly rewarding to know that I spent a portion of my day doing something for someone who needs and will appreciate it more that I will even know.  I urge you to find something to get involved with.  Visit a nursing home, go to your local food back, bring used closthes to goodwill.  There are so many ways you can give back.  Find a way, make time, and do it!


Kudos to Just Jared Jr. for writing about the event.  Great to know kids are exposed to celebs who give back.carpet


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