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Hello world!  If you haven’t seen my indie thriller The Pit and the Pendulum you are in luck! Purchase it now on Amazon or you can watch the movie in its entirety online NOW!

Synopsis:  Seven students arrive at a secluded mansion to participate in a scientific experiment conducted by JB Divay, a bizarre hypnotist with a dark past. At first the group dismisses JB’s eccentricities… until the students start disappearing. Directed by David DeCoteau

The reviews of our lil movie have been mixed.  Some call it “campy fun”, “The cast is a cut above Decoteau’s norm“, and some call “Overlit and over cliched” and “Awful”.  I’m not saying we made a masterpiece here, but I think its an enjoyable piece of cinema nonetheless.  See for yourself for FREE!  There are homosexual relationships, including a lesbian kiss between yours truly and Danielle Demski as well as some nudity, so be forewarned.

I filmed my role as Gemma back in September of 2008 over 5 days in Pasadena California.  I had a great time with the hot young cast, one of whom is an ex boyfriend of mine.  Small world huh! Can you guess who?  Another fun fact from the film, I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye the day filming began.  Didn’t hurt at all, but if you notice one of my eyes seems darker, it’s because it’s filled with blood.  Sexy, I know.  What can you do?  The show must go on! Plus my character is a diver, so all that under water pressure could’ve backed up in my head.  Makes sense, no?  Take a look and feel free to leave your comments, good, bad or chilling, I can take it 😉

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