Amy and Drew Seeley attend Jersey Boys in Los Angeles

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For 2 and a half years, my husband Drew performed as Bob Gaudio in the hit musical Jersey Boys.  In September 2016, he had the privilege of playing the role on Broadway until the show had its final curtain call in January 2017.  We’re forever grateful for the journey the real life story of the rise of the legendary singing group the Four Seasons has taken us on.  We celebrated the shows arrival to Los Angeles last week at the Ahmanson Theater.  Oh What A Night it was!


I’m wearing a chiffon and lace dress by Adelyn Rae Clothing and earrings by Sweet Bling

Catch up on Season2 of What’s Good?!

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Amy and co-host Justin Walter are back with new positive stories, great new guests, and a brand new set for season 2 of What’s Good?! We all need to more good news in our lives! Check out all the latest episodes right here! Watch. Smile. Share!

Actress and UN Youth Champion Monique Coleman

What's Good?! Hosted by Amy Paffrath and Justin Walter featuring Monique Coleman from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Life Coach Ryan Weiss

What's Good?! Hosted by Amy Paffrath and Justin Walter featuring an interview with life coach Ryan Weiss from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Travel Journalist Megan Snedden PLUS Jodi O’Donnell Ames from Camp Hope Loves Company

What’s Good Hosted by Amy Paffrath & Justin Walter, featuring travel journalist Megan Snedden from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Actor Harvey Guillen from the Netflix series Hater’s Back Off

What's Good?! Hosted by Amy Paffrath and Justin Walter featuring Harvey Guillien from Focus TV on Vimeo.

TV Host & Author Carrie Keagan

What's Good?! Hosted by Amy Paffrath and Justin Walter featuring Carrie Keagan from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Watch Amy In Do Over

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Amy’s romantic comedy, Do-Over, co-starring Jonathan Bennett, Gina Field and husband Drew Seeley is available now on all VOD platforms. Look for it on iTunes, Xbox Live, Dish, and many others.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here:

Amy’s film ‘Do Over’ out Oct 11

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I’m so excited for all of you to see this hilarious, charming indie rom com about a group of LA friends who try and re-do their first sexual experience. It co-stars writer/producer Gina Field, Jonathan Bennett, Zack Lively and my handsome husband Drew Seeley.

Check out the trailer here:

see exclusive pics extended trailers here and and look out for the film on VOD October 11th!

Amy launches ‘What’s Good?!’ With Focus Magazine

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I’ve always wanted to turn my podcast Tell Me Something Good into a visual format. I’m proud to announce that I’ve partnered with Focus Magazine to bring you, “What’s Good?!” a weekly show co-hosted by myself and Justin Walter. Each week, we talk about feel good news stories, world changers and Good Samaritans.

Watch the first 5 episodes now. We release a new episode every Wednesday at on Focus Magazine.

Here’s the latest