July 2008 - Amy Paffrath

My day with an American Idol

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Last week I shot an infomercial with the adorable and charming Justin Guarini from season 1 of American Idol.

We co-hosted the infomercial pitching the product “Music Business in a Box.”

It was a fun day on set with all my boys from Imsomnia Meadia Group.

Thanks for making the day a total blast.

Look out for Justin’s upcoming album and our infomercial which will begin airing soon.

Much luv,


The Birthday Babe

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I just celebrated my birthday and it was definitely a Happy one.

I am a great place in my life: with job I love and only thought possibly in my dreams, a great relationship and an amazing group of friends to send only positive energy!

It feels good that everything is falling into place.

I am feeling very content with things and am learning to be more patient.

At this point I feel that I have everything I need and anything more is just the cherry on top.

Of course I want to further my career, but I’m learning to be content with where i am and focus on the now. In Hollywood, it’s all about what’s next, and more more more! It’s very easy to get sucked into that mentality, especially when people are always asking you “What else are you doing?”

I’m just staying focused on my amazing opportunity here at E! and counting my blessings every day!

Here’s to more fabulous year than ever 😉