October 2008 - Amy Paffrath

LA Fashion week

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If you know anything about me you know that I love fashion!

I even minored in Textile Apparel Management at MU.
My dream is to combine my love and passions and host a style show of some sort.
Style network is in my building so who knows!
I did get the pleasure of attending a few shows for LA fashion week.
I dragged Drew along to the Lauren Conrad show. I may not be a fan of the Hills, but my stylist here at E! Kit has gotten me some amazing clothes. Every time I wear something of LC’s, the fit is great and the styles are cute! I even wore one for my big bday bash. My only gripe, WAY over priced! But then again, I personally don’t buy it so its all good 😉

The other show I attended was for Tulle and Cloth. Great line! It was full of fun rich colors. I’d describe it as color pop prep. I went with Ken Baker the gossip maker from E! and my fab friend Christina Murphy. We had a blast! FYI, sticky bras tend to slip off when you sweat! And that’s my fashion tip of the day! I’m now ready for all the hot fall looks. Be fashionable, take risks and have a blast doing it!

To finish off my week of events, I sadly had to decline my invite to HSM3 in order to attend the IWMF Courage in Journalism awards. Once I sat and listened to the stories of the 4 amazing women who were honored I knew this was where I was supposed to be. They were stories of heartache and sacrifice and above all courage and commitment to get the story out. I felt inspired to listen and be in the presence of such amazing women.

To find out about their stories, go to iwmf.org

You will definitely be moved by what you read. Get out there, better the world, and be fabulous empowered women.


New film! The Pit and the Pendulum

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I’m proud to announce that I’ve booked another feature and I begin shooting tomorrow!
Its a thriller about a group of young athletes who go to a hypnosis center in search of bettering their performance. Find out what happens when the lines between reality and hypnosis cross. More info and pictures to come.

Stay tuned and happy Friday!