December 2008 - Amy Paffrath

The Holidays are near, spread some cheer

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I love this time of year. The sparkling lights are strung, the festive songs are playing, there are yummy festive hot chocaltes to drink! It’s especially great this year because my main squeeze is here in LA to be celebratory with me. It will be our first Christmas that we physically get to spend together! The past two years he’s been off being the super star that he is and I’m so proud of him. But thankfully this year it’s all about family, friends and of course food! I can’t wait to go home to see my family and friends, but first, off to Orlando for some time with Drew’s family.

We’ve both been very fortunate this year and have been doing a lot of reflecting on that. It’s been a really tough year for a lot of people and the lease I can do is give back a little. So this week, I went to a couple amazing events for some equally amazing causes.

The week kicked off with my pilot shoot! This has nothing to do with the holidays, but it was enroumoursly successful and we are hoping to have the show packaged and (fingers croseed) sold to E! international by early next year. We shot the very best material we could and I feel so good about it. Casey Cheek provided the gorgouse hair and make up, Kit Scarbo put together a rocking hott outfit for me, Sarah Knight was the best set photographer and then we have Mr. Ken Baker. The sweetest most sincere person I’ve ever met. If you are gonna have someone routing for you, this is the man you want. He made me feel every inch the superstar. I’m honored he chose me to host his show. It’s a privelege to work with someone so positive and creative and just plain nice.

Moving right along, on Tuesday I went to my very first E! Holiday party. Let me tell you, Comcast knows how to throw a party! The erected a GIANT tent on the top of a parking garage in downtonw LA. It was amazing. THe city views were breath taking and the night was full of energy. I even rode the Metro for the first time ever in LA. Who says public traspo is bad in LA? It was so convienent, might make it a habit! I danced the night away with my boo, even got to the sprinkler with our Pres Ted Habert. I learned he loves to cut a rug and likes that old school soul music. He and Drew got along swimminling 😉 Spent some time mixing and mingling with the gang, had some scrumptious desserts and called it a night.

If you know me you know how much I love animals. So, i was stoked to be invited to the charity Howliday event jingle bones to benefit the SPCA LA. There were so many cute doggies! I got to borrow one for a cute pic, isn’t he a doll! I picked up a cool necktie for Monty so he can look his very best at grandmas for Christmas!
Thursday night we headed to the 2nd Annual LA Direct Remember to Give party, benefitting Ronald Mc Donald house. Such a great charity and we were happy to be able to donate some cool gifts. It was a fun way to be party of something really special for the holidays.
Lastly, thanks to our generous staff, E!NN was able to raise over $300 to ensure our adopted family has an amazing Christmas. I spent the week wrapping all the beautiful items we were able to get them. It really does warm your heart to know that one family will have a good holiday due to a very small sacrifice from a few people. It’s easy to do. I encourage you to find a way to help someone this year. It’s not about buying THINGS, its about making someone else smile. Looking beyond your own needs to bring some happiness to another human being.
Tis’ the season, make it a good one 🙂

Easy Breezy Beautiful!

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I recently got the
amazing opportunity
to work with Drew Barrymore on her latest cover girl campaign. Here is a pic of me in a blond wig, that’s because the last time I stood in for her, she and I had the same hair color. But you know us girls, gotta switch it up! She looks incredible as a blond or brunette.

Working with her again was an inspiration for me. To see an actress, who’s been doing this literally her entire life, get excited about her latest gig is so refreshing. She was literally giddy to utter the famous phrase, Easy Breezy Beautiful. It was so cute. I loved seeing that excitement in her after all these years. It told me to be patient and let the universe unfold the way it should! OH, fun fact! We shot the commercial on same lot as the new J.O.N.A.S show and my first day, I strolled up with ray bans on and who do I see, all 3 Jo Bros chillin at a picnic table eating lunch craning their necks to see who I was! LOL, toooooo funny! Man Hollywood is so amazing!

I’ve included a couple pics from my camera phone, who knows someday soon I could utter that famous phrase, would make me pretty giddy too!

Recent Breaking News

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Hello again!

During the horrible tragedy that Jennifer Hudson went throught with the triple murder of her family members, I was thrown on the air at E! to report the latest details. It was an incredibly busy day at work Here is one of the breaking news segments.
That same day I was also on CNN’s Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell. That was an amazing experience and brought me back to my live TV days at KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO.

On a lighter note, I also got the honor of announcing Hill’s stars Heidi and Spencer’s recent marriage.

This time we used the actual news set! It was so cool! It’s where Seacrest stands on a daily basis! I think he and I would make a great team, someday 😉

In addition to all these great opportunities, I’m shooting a pilot for E! on Monday with Ken Baker the gossip maker, that we think has a realistic chance of getting picked up! So excited to work on project from the very beginning with my man Ken Baker. If all goes well our show will be on E! international very soon. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Back to School!

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It’s been so long since I’ve updated you guys sorry for the delay!
I recently went back to my Alma mater, the University of Missouri to speak for a group of aspiring entertainment journalists and to Emcee a film contest. It was a completely amazing and fulfilling experience. I felt so honored to be invited back and impart my knowledge of an industry that is still new to me. It was so cool to have eager studenst look up to me the way I looked at Linda Bell Blue (Exec producer of Entertainment Tonight) when she visited my Broadcast 1 class. I only hope that I can continue to inspire and help people achieve their dreams. I made my come true and I’m creating and fulfilling new ones every day.
The film contest which was sponsored by Apple was called iLife. It was really cool to see all the freshman made flicks and Emcee the show. I decided to do a rap to kick off the show in style and I think it went over very well! I hope to have video shortly! The winning video just happened to be called the Mizzou Rap! How funny, check it out here
During my visit, I also got the chance to visit my papa. It was so great to see him. He was recently diagnosed with MS and is now living in wonderful facility that makes his treatment and everyday life so much easier. He is really happy there. While I was there, I did an impromptu performance for the patients along with the fabulous Drew Seeley and the amazing Brittany Paffrath. It was so much fun and really brightened their day.
I’ll be heading back to Missouri very soon for Christmas and I can’t wait to reconnect with family and friends. We will definitely revisit and do a Christmas show at Town and Country and are planning a visit to Barnes Children’s Hospital to spread some holiday cheer! I encourage everyone to get out and find a way to give back this holiday season. MUAH! Happy Holidays!