January 2010 - Amy Paffrath

Amy attends the Data Awards

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How’s it going everyone!?  What a week it has been for me!  I got to co-host the Daily 1o on E! TWO days in a row, attend the premiere of When In Rome, and to top off the week, I went to the 1st Annual Data Awards  which paid tribute to the art of DJ’ing.   The event was hosted by Will.I.am and boasted performances by Kelis, Kelly Rowland, and the Black Eyed Peas.  It was held at the legendary Hollywood Palladium, which has amazing art deco architecture, and has hosted musical greats like Frank Sinatra, Nirvana, Madonna and Barbara Streisand over the years.   Drew Seeley and I went to the event with my roomie Becky and her good friend Jessie.  As we made our way in, we were greeted by our

first ever paparazzi.

He was asking Drew all sorts of questions and I just smiled and stayed close.  What a funny little world I’ve entered into.  The pap was super cool and never once made us feel uncomfortable, its just so weird that he was following US!  I walked the green carpet and ran into HSM hottie Monique Coleman and her good friend Jason Williams.  Mo and I wore matching liquid leggings, she must’ve been going for the same rock n roll look I was 😉

Inside, cabanas framed the stage and there was a VIP area upstairs where all the celebs hung out.  I ran into Aubrey O’day, whom I interviewed for E! News a while back and gave her a hug.  She’s so sweet and looked fab.  We mainly hung out upstairs with Mo, Jason and Naturi Naughton from FAME.  We danced, sipped on drinks and caught up.  I spotted Chad Michael Murry behind us and realized that Drew and he shared a common bond with the Cinderella movies.  I thought it would be funny to have a picture in between the two as a sort of Cinderella sandwich.  I asked Chad, he obliged, but not very happily.  It was very loud and maybe I’m misinterpreting his body language.  I’m pretty sure he had no idea that Drew replaced him in a better version of his movie, or maybe he did, and that’s why he was fussy.  That may sound bratty, but of course I’m biased 😉  HA!  Thanks Chad! Also spotted in VIP, 90210’s Matt Lanter.  I heard his 90210 cast mate and my girl crush, Jessica Lowndes was there as well, but sadly, I didn’t see her.

We had to end the night early as I had to wake up at 5am for E! News Now.  We managed to see Kelis perform before we left and she was great, even dressed like a creature from Avatar.  As we exited Will.i.am was spinning tunes.  Another fascinating Hollywood night.

Amy attends When In Rome Premiere

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Hi everyone!!~ I was invited to attend the premiere of When In Rome starring the hunky Josh Duhamel and the adorable Kristen Bell.  It was a windy night out in Hollywood but fun nonetheless.  Lots of celebs hit the red carpet including Fergie, Rose McGowan, my man Drew Seeley, Kristen Chenowith, Seth Green, Mitchell Musso, Kayla Ewell and my superstar friend Candice Patton.  I wasn’t expecting to run into her fab self and we shared a seriously sorority worthy screech upon seeing each other.  So funny.

I LOVE getting dressed up for events and am so lucky to have a phenomenal stylist here at E! that finds some really amazing items for me.  She helped me pair this leopard AmiClubwear dress with a funky pearl and chain necklace by Nix and Stones.  The premiere was held at the beautiful El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.   It has such an Old Hollywood meets Disney feel to it, with gorgeous architecture and huge heavy curtains framing the screen. If you haven’t been, go!  I you don’t live in LA, make it a point to check out a flick there if you ever visit this wonderful city.  They show a lot of classic Disney movies making it fun for the whole family.   I love sitting in the balcony which is where Drew and I sat to watch the When In Rome.

Overall, it was a very cute movie.   It was shot in both Italy and NYC which  makes for stunning backdrops.   It kept me laughing all the way through.  But, its a very broad slapstick comedy that can be predictable at times, but still entertaining.  A great popcorn flick for date night.  Kristen Bell is so cute in it, she’s got great comedic time and hilarious facial expressions.  Josh Duhamel, well, he’s a good looking dude.  MMM MMM.   The movie hits theaters this weekend.  Ciao!

'When In Rome' World Premiere

Courtesy of Picapp.com

'When In Rome' World Premiere

Courtesy of Picapp.com

Tune in: Amy co-hosts the Daily 10

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I am so excited to announce that I will be co-hosting E!’s Daily 10 Wednesday January 27th and Thursday January 28th!

I’m filling in for Mr. Sal Masekela who will be away on assignment.  Big shoes to fill, but I’m

up for the challenge!

Tune in to see me count down the top 10 stories of the day alongside the lovely Catt Sadler.

Check your local listings but it’s on weeknights at 7:30/6:30c and midnight/11c

I can’t wait!!  Mark your calendars and set your Tivo’s!  Join me for 2 nights of fun celebrity dish 🙂


Amy attends charity gifting suite for Golden Globes

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Ever wonder why celebs always seem to have the coolest latest products?  I’ll fill you in a little Hollywood secret: the companies give it to them.  I’m talking trips to spas, Blackberry’s, skin care lines, clothing, purses and jewelry all handed over, no questions asked.  Why?  Because when a celeb is seen using said product, or photographed wearing a budding brand, the company scores priceless free advertising.

One way these companies get their products in the hands of the uber famous is at gifting suites.  I count my lucky stars to be invited to these lavish events.  They usually happen around big awards shows like the Golden Globes, Oscars and even the Teen Choice awards.  The Globes were handed out last Sunday and there were at least 5 suites happening around town in conjunction with the awards.  I was invited to several, but only had time for 2 with my busy work schedule.  My lovely friend Jane from Madison and Mulholland runs a great suite with a twist.; her guests get to make one bag for themselves and create another full of goodies to be auctioned for their favorite charity.  In addition to allowing celebs to choose a charity, the event also benefited Help for Orphans.  Although its really fun to get great stuff for free, It almost feels wrong to go and just fill up on stuff for myself.  That’s what makes Madison and Mulholland so different.  Its not about being selfish and stocking up on amazing products.  Its a way to be exposed to cool new stuff, but also to give back.  For my charity, I of course chose the ALS Association in honor of my late father.

Among the great things I got to take home and add to my charity bag were:  A marvelous statement moonstone right by Dara Ettinger ,recycled denim by Reuse Jeans, delicious wine from Eagle Castle Winery, beauty elixir’s and tea’s by HerbaSway

amazing handbags and jewelry by Charlie Lapson, hair products from Keratin Complex, decadent coffee from Marley Coffee

and so much more.

I sincerely thank each and every person I met for their kindness and generosity.  To return the favor, I make sure to wear my fun pressies on E! News Now, and include them in my blog to get the word out,  like the ring below or my amazing Pink Pewter headbands I got last year.  I’d never have known about such a cool company had a I not been invited.  The relationship I have with Mireya from Pink Pewter is a collaborative and mutually beneficial one.  We have formed a friendship that goes beyond product placement.  I’m thankful for the shiny fun sparkly headbands and all my other goodies, but grateful to meet new people who are also interested in giving back.  Its a win win.  Follow Madison and Mulholland on twitter to find out how you can bid on mine and other stars custom made bags.

N Brown Clothing Shoot

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What’s up world!?

I just celebrated my 4th anniversary of living in Los Angeles!  Exciting right!?  I can’t believe its been that long already, its really flown by.  Still, its pretty incredible to look back and see how much progress I’ve made in 4 short years.  I’ve really found my place in this city in all aspects of my life: career, home life and friends.  Its hard to find good friends in general but even harder in a city as cut throat as LA.

My very first job in this wondrous city  was promoting Vcast service for Verizon wireless.  It was destiny that I booked that particular project because I met some of the most influential inspiring forces in my life today that fateful week.  One being a pretty awesome chick that’s gone from the humble beginnings of demoing cell phones to starring in the Wayan’s Brothers hit, Dance Flick.  She ‘claimed’ me as a friend the day we met eyes across a board room table and I’m glad she did.  Christina Murphy is a bright shining light with incredible talent, magnetic energy and a true zest for life.  I’m so proud to call her my friend.  She and I have remained close based on that one temporary job 4 years ago.

Just last week we joined forces for a fashion line called N Brown Clothing.  Its a pleasure and a privilege to work with your friends especially Christina because she is a riot and always fun to be around.  Truly a rare mix of sexy, smart and silly.

This is city all about connections and I’m eternally grateful that she introduced me to the sweet and humble Koury Angelo who is a phenomenal photographer.  We shot these ads for N. Brown’s new women’s line.  It not hard to get a great end product when you start with such a high quality of talent.  All of the styles shown and many more are available here.

When you find good people, hold on to them and make sure they know what they mean to you.

Behind the scenes of NBrown clothing shoot

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Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming AD’s for N Brown Clothing. Shot by photographer Koury Angelo with model/actress Christina Murphy. Its so much fun to ‘work’ with your friends. Its amazing we get anything done! Not hard to get such an amazing end product with the talent involved. We are blessed to work in a business that allows for creative collaborations with people I truly love being around. Always great energy in the room with these two. Stay tuned for all the pics from the shoot 🙂

Modeling with actress Christina Murphy

Chrissy, Koury and I goofing around

Amy Attends “Heel Hate” Event

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Since officially joining the NoH8 Campaign earlier this month through their photo project, I’ve had the opportunity to attend events in support of No Hate.  Most recently I went to the House of Blues in Los Angeles for Heel Hate, a benefit for the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  It was a night full of fun with an amazing drag Queen show!  We are talking the best of the best in LA, people!  Impressive stuff.  There was also a silent auction and an open photo shoot of the NOH8 Campaign.  I took some of my best buds along like Drew Seeley, Autumn Grabeel, Eric Baines and Christina Murphy to name a few.  We were in the good company of gracious peace promoting celebs like Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Aubrey O’Day.  My friends and I are always up for a party for a good cause! We had a great time watching the show and talking to 90’s pop star Tiffany.   Hollywood is so random, you never know who you will bump into.  Here’s a picture from the event from Life.com


My hope for those reading this is to spread love around the world.  Look out for your neighbor and promote peace in your communities.

One love 🙂


Meet Amy at a benefit for ALS

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As you may or may not know, my father passed away in June of 2009 from a disease called ALS.  It is a horrible disease that knows no racial, ethnic or socioeconomic boundaries. It can strike anyone at any time.

On February 11th, I am attending a Gala to benefit the ALSA of Los Angeles.   The first annual celebrity gala is hosted by Kate Linder of the Young & the Restless and will feature a dinner and fashion show.  Many celebrities will be on hand to lend their star power.

In participating in this event, I aim to help raise awareness and money for the ALSA of Greater Los Angeles.  I know first hand how hard it is on the patient and their family, both emotionally and physically.  Every donation helps and the money provides significant and meaningful assistance in the lives of all persons with ALS, their families, caregivers and health professionals in Los Angeles and its surrounding counties; and to support research for a cure.

Please give what you can, big or small.  Click Here to go directly the events website.  If you live and Los Angeles and would like to attend, please purchase a ticket and join me for dinner.  I would be honored and so grateful.  If you don’t live in Los Angeles or simply cannot afford the ticket price, you can donate as little as $2 and as much as $50 through the site.  I know times are tough, but we all need a helping hand from time to time.  I truly believe you get what you give, so give generously.

In Loving Memory of Mark Steven Paffrath 02-28-58 to 06-24-09

All my love,


Amy’s NoH8 pic

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Support Equality

Tada!  Here it is!  Pretty cool shot huh?  Just Jared Jr posted the rest of the cast photos as well.  I’ll have a group shot shortly.  If you are wondering, the earrings were a wrap gift from the director and producer of I Kissed A Vampire.  They are by Tarina Tarantino SO happy to be part of this campaign!


Amy poses for the NOH8 Campaign

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Whats up world wide web?

I have been a huge supporter of the NOH8 Campaign ever since California voted Prop 8 into effect last November.  I sought out a way to get involved and found something that’s both artistic and has a wide reach.   Celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshely started the NOH8 Campaign  to protest a law many of us are against.  What began as a simple silent protest has turned into a widespread viral campaign to reverse Prop 8.  The concept is simple: every day citizens posing in white t shirts against a white background, bearing a NOH8 symbol on their cheek, their mouth taped, symbolizing their voice not being heard.  Since Adam started this project, it has grown to include many celebrity endorsers.  I corralled some start power and brought some of my “I Kissed a Vampire” cast mates Drew Seeley, Lucas Grabeel, Emily Morris and Autumn Grabeel along for an unofficial cast photo.  What better way to lend my support than to bring along my amazing supportive friends?  We had a great time at the shoot and are so excited to share the photos with the world.  I’ll post as soon as I have them, be on the look out!  For now, Just Jared Jr. posted a behind the scenes look, check it out!

Drew, Lucas, Autumn, Amy, Emily


For more information or to get involved, check out NOH8campaign.org