March 2010 - Amy Paffrath

Amy Lands Hollywood Dream Role!

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Hello dolls!

So I fibbed a little 😉  You wont see me performing in my dream role on the big screen just yet, but you CAN see me live at ACME Comedy this Friday March 26th.  I’ll be performing with their main improv group in ACME’s Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role.

What happens when a celebrity lands the role of a lifetime, but there’s no script, so the actors have to make it up as they go? Is it a Dream Role, or a Nightmare?
This week starring Amy Paffrath (“E! News Now”, “Daily 10” )

Each week our celebrity gue st star joins ACME’s top improvisers to create a film-like story, based on the guest star’s choice of genre and a “dream role” they’d love to play. Action-adventure, film noir, romantic comedy, horror – anything! What follows is an unscripted tale with shining moments and scenes that go delightfully wrong… all to fulfill our guest star’s desire to play their “Hollywood Dream Role”!

Come out and support the live show at ACME Comedy 135 N. La Brea Ave
Hollywood, CA 90036
.  Tickets are available for $5 online at ACME Comedy

or $8 at the door.

You can also watch the show ONLINE.

Very excited to be back onstage, LIVE!!

Hope you all are doing well!


The Pit and the Pendulum

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Hello world!  If you haven’t seen my indie thriller The Pit and the Pendulum you are in luck! Purchase it now on Amazon or you can watch the movie in its entirety online NOW!

Synopsis:  Seven students arrive at a secluded mansion to participate in a scientific experiment conducted by JB Divay, a bizarre hypnotist with a dark past. At first the group dismisses JB’s eccentricities… until the students start disappearing. Directed by David DeCoteau

The reviews of our lil movie have been mixed.  Some call it “campy fun”, “The cast is a cut above Decoteau’s norm“, and some call “Overlit and over cliched” and “Awful”.  I’m not saying we made a masterpiece here, but I think its an enjoyable piece of cinema nonetheless.  See for yourself for FREE!  There are homosexual relationships, including a lesbian kiss between yours truly and Danielle Demski as well as some nudity, so be forewarned.

I filmed my role as Gemma back in September of 2008 over 5 days in Pasadena California.  I had a great time with the hot young cast, one of whom is an ex boyfriend of mine.  Small world huh! Can you guess who?  Another fun fact from the film, I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye the day filming began.  Didn’t hurt at all, but if you notice one of my eyes seems darker, it’s because it’s filled with blood.  Sexy, I know.  What can you do?  The show must go on! Plus my character is a diver, so all that under water pressure could’ve backed up in my head.  Makes sense, no?  Take a look and feel free to leave your comments, good, bad or chilling, I can take it 😉

View the Trailer:

2010 Oscars

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What’s up everyone!?  Wow, what a year 2010 is turning out to be!  I was absolutley delighted that E!’s live events team asked me to be part of this years post Oscar coverage.  When I accepted the assignment, I had no idea what the job would entail,  I just new it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  Turns out they wanted me to conduct interviews with celebs at E!’s very own exclusive after party.  What an honor!  And so the, hunt for the perfect dress began.


My incredible stylist Kit Scarbo brought in about 15 dresses for me to try.  I loved nearly all of them.  We had a hard task ahead to narrow it down to just one.  After some input from my friends and coworkers I felt I had a great option.  Once the dress was secured my amazing make up artist, Casey Cheek and I started talking hair and make up.  Since this is my first time doing anything Oscar related, I thought I should stick with classic Hollywood glamour.  We settled on a light eye and pink lip for make up, to keep the look clean and classy, and were inspired by the sexy brushed out wave made famous by Veronica Lake.

and after!

The dress I ended up choosing was an elegant floor length one shoulder empire waist gown by Phoebe Couture. What drew me too it was the classic yet flirty silhouette and gorgeous vibrant color. The gown was a beautiful deep purple chiffon, with ruffles at the bottom and at the shoulder, with a cinched waist which hugged my body perfectly.

To top off the look, Kit brought in black and white diamond bangles, a chunky black and white diamond crisscrossing, and diamond chandelier earrings all by Beverly Hills jeweler AlanFriedman.

Alan Friedman diamonds

my bling

Nina Shoes

I  borrowed a stunning Swaraski covered heart shaped bag by Katherine Baumann and shoes by Nina.

with Justin, my producer

My Academy Awards day began at 12:30 when i met the glam squad at the Roosevelt hotel and began my transformation.  When we finished, I made my way to Drai’s Nightclub on the top of the brand new W hotel at the famous Hollywood and Vine intersection.

We got to watch the Oscar telecast and began doing interviews as guests arrived.  Among those I spoke with were Russell Simmons, Lance Bass, Cheryl Burke, Audrina Patridge, Rebecca Mador, Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, and Jade Nicole.  Others spotted at the bash included Ryan Seacrest, Olivia Munn, Jessica Lowndes, Catt Sadler, Ben Lyons, Christopher Mintz Plasse and Amber Rose.

with Kit and Casey, my glam squad

The interviews went great and I can say that my first Oscar post show experience was a hugely successful one! I’ve been told the ratings were up 50% from last year!  YEAH!  The party was a lot of fun and after I finished gabbing with the guests for the post show, it was time to really enjoy the party!  When it was time to go, my stylist stripped me of my jewels and my Cinderella night officially came to a end.  But, not before a quick In N Out run for animal style fries and a protein style cheeseburger.  Perfect night cap for an evening of grandeur.  I can only hope this was my first of many awards shows!

with my cute date

look out Brangelina

Check out my interview with the girls from E!’s Pretty Wild:

Catching up with Cheryl Burke and Lance Bass:

Amy interviews Avril Lavigne

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Hello sweet peas!

As you’ve probably noticed, The Daily 10 has been giving me quite a few assignments lately.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  This week I went to the set of Wizzards of Waverly Place and meet the entire cast! Great people, more on that later.

Last week I got to catch up with Avril Lavigne and chat about her new Alice in Wonderland inspired collection for her line, Abbey Dawn.  Check it out!

Hangin with Estelle

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Back in early February, Los Angeles hosted musics biggest night, the Grammy’s.  There were many events around town to coincide with the awards ceremony.  One that I was especially excited about attending was the album listening party of Grammy winning singer Estelle.  My musically gifted and connected American, er Canadian, boy got invited and brought me along as his date.

Hangin at Estelle's listening party

The luncheon was held at Philippe Chow, a fancy Chinese restaurant on chic Melrose Ave.  in the same space where the uber trendy Dolce once took up residence.  Drew and I arrived on time, which turned out to be early since the other guests decided to be fashionably late.  We nestled into a booth and began noshing on the spread of food to sample before us.  We tried vegetable, shrimp and chicken dumplings, chicken and beef satay, lettuce wraps and Jumbo prawns.  All of the food was fantastic.  I was a little turned off by the neon orange hue of the chicken satay, but it was very tasty despite its horrific appearance.

pimpin Sin Vitality Drink

Sin Vitality drink provided energy packed beverages.  Gotta admit, they don’t taste half as bad as most energy drinks!

Somewhere in the middle of the meal we were joined at our table by the lovely Erica Hubbard best know from her work on the critically acclaimed series, Lincoln Heights.  She’s a cool girl and it was fun to get to know here.

The lady of the hour, Estelle, made her way in and greeted her guests, a small intimate group of no more than 50 people.  I have no idea how we were included among a select few, but i didn’t ask questions!  She began playing songs from her new disc, due out later this year.  There is a song called Freak that is going to be a huge club hit.  Great tunes.  Estelle was ever the gracious humble host, bopping along to her music and chatting with party goers.

with the hostess, Estelle

We said a quick hello on our way out and complemented her hard work.  She was polite and sweet and really appreciated our unsolicited feedback

Just another random Sunday afternoon in the Holly-hood!  What a life 🙂

chowin' at Philippe Chow

we love Sin!