April 2010 - Amy Paffrath

Watch Amy host ACME Saturday Night

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If you missed my appearance on ACME Saturday night on February 6th, you can watch the entire show here right now!  I had a ball hosting the show.  The cast is brilliant, the writing is spot on and the audience was fantastic!  A great experience all around.  Musical guest was my dear friend Eric Baines.  ENJOY and please leave comments and let me know what your favorite sketches are!



Naughty Bottom

Cute Sneezer

Twitter Followers

Street Urchins

My Dream (Animation)

Cheer Tryouts

Child Hunger Awareness Rally

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Hello friends!  Been on vacation and away from the blogosphere for a moment, but I’m back, rested and refreshed and ready to take on the world! Before I took off for my week of relaxing, I found some time to focus on something bigger than my upcoming Holiday.

As you know, I take every opportunity to give back and shine light on important issues.   In recent months I have worked with the LA Food Bank to help end hunger locally in LA.   I was excited to be invited to this fun event at Universal Studios Hollywood to benefit the LA Food Bank.  This particular event was to raise awareness specifically about child hunger .  I stopped by Wisteria Lane where celebs like the events hostess Dana Delaney from Desperate Housewives, her co-stars Brenda Strong and Andrea Bowen, 90210’s Trevor Donovan, David Arquette and of course my boo, Drew Seeley were gathered for a morning of service and support.  We helped pack bags for the food bank, signed plates to be auctioned off and listened as speakers informed us of the appalling statics of child hunger and what we can do to help.   See a video from the event and learn how you can host your own rally here.

Autographing a plate to be auctioned

Packing bags with Trevor Donovan and Drew Seeley

Amy Paffrath for H’Oreal Amsterdam

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As many of you know I’ve got a pretty large funny bone.  I love to laugh and I love making others laugh.  That is precisely why I enjoy making silly videos and spoofs.

The latest in my repertoire is a collaboration with Baby Gorilla ProductionsMarco Infante and Keston John are the dashing duo behind Baby G.  They are good friends of mine who happened to be talented and driven.  Marco came to me with the idea of shooting a cosmetics commercial spoof.  I read the script and thought is was hilarious.  I actually had some up close experience on set of a real beauty commercial.

A few years ago I was hired as Drew Barrymore’s stand in for her Cover Girl commercials.  It was a blast to see how a big campaign like that gets put together.  Drew was an absolute doll and a pleasure to work with.  This gave me some reference point when I was ready to shoot the spoof.

We went for over the top make up and skanky outfits to really play up the characters Marco created.  With comedy, especially in this particular case, the bigger the better.   I think the end product is a hilarious and well made ready for air commercial! If you like this video and want to see more from Baby G, become a fan on Facebook or subscribe to Baby G’s Youtube Channel.  Be on the look out for a follow up to this ad featuring my baby sis Brittany Paffrath.

I dream of one day uttering that familiar phrase, Easy Breezy Beautiful…Cover Girl.  Until that time comes, “Aren’t you worth it? I know I am!” has a pretty nice ring to it.