August 2010 - Amy Paffrath

Amy checks out Cre8tive Recreation kicks

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Whats up pretty peeps! I love shoes!! I think this is true for plenty of girls and a fair amount of guys. I’m heading over to Cre8tive Recreation today to see their new womens line up close and personal! Hopefully I’ll snag a pair to wear at the OK mag party tomorrow 😉 If you aren’t familiar with the line, check them out, they are the hottest sneakers on the market. Dress em up or dress em down, you’ll always roll in style. They come in so many color combos there is truly something for everyone. Check out the recent interview I did for the Daily 10 with Sara Wasserman at Cre8tive Rec.

Behind the scenes of the D10 visit:

Amy gets hands on with Trey Songz

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I must admit there are lots of perks to my job.  I get to meet artists I admire, hang on out sets, wear amazing clothes and shamelessly flirt on camera.  Hey, its all in a days work!  I caught up with singer Trey Songz in downtown LA as he shot his music video for Already Taken, a song on the Step up 3-D soundtrack.  He had been shooting in a huge warehouse all day with dancers from the film.  When I got the chance to talk to him on behalf of The Daily 10, the first thing I noticed was his gleaming warm smile.  Boy can make a girl melt with that I’m-only-looking-at-you stare.  Trust me when I say he’s a total charmer.  I really enjoyed hanging out and playing around with him.  He is sweet, funny and attentive. He was really fun to interview and very, um hands on.  Too bad I’m already taken 😉

Amy celebrates opening night of Hollyshorts film festival

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A kiss from me to you! A friend and colleague of mine invited me to take part in the opening night festivities for the 6th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival. Of course I said yes as I am a big fan and supporter of Independent films. Any opportunity to meet film makers and hear about how their projects came to fruition is an event I don’t want to pass up. I even got to interview film legend James Caan about his involvement with the festival.  His company Open Films was a sponsor this year.

Before the screening got underway, I had the honor of introducing my fellow Daily 10 correspondent and resident movie buff, Ben Lyons who served as host for the night.

It was a spectacular night full of fabulous film making. We were treated to short cinematic endeavors featuring A-list talent like Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle, Zoe Saldana, Kate Bosworth, David Arquette and Mena Suvari among others.

A few of my favorites included Hostage: A Love Story. As you can deduce from the title, its a zany comedy starring Zachary Quinto. I laughed so hard, it actually warmed my body in that frigid theater! Another great film was part of a series on Funny or Die, called Drunk History. Hilarious stuff.  I have to mention Ollie Klublershturf vs. The Nazis’ as it was a fantastic movie starring pint sized actor Zach Mills as the unlikely smart ass hero . Be on the look out for these and other wonderful flicks featured at Hollyshorts!

I hope to be back next year to check out another crop of creative clips from emerging talented filmmakers!
Enjoy photos from the red carpet as well as a close up of my awesome clutch featuring our Nations First Lady, Michelle Obama, on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Until next time, smile!! xoxo

Red Carpet interview with Mingle Media

Amy joins Comcast talent at the TCA’s

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It’s summer cocktail party time!  Friday night was Comcast Entertainment Group’s chance to show off what makes their networks sizzle.  I was delighted to represent E! News Now along with my ever lovely co-host Melana Scantlin at the TCA’s (Television Critics Association) garden party event.  We were joined at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by the likes of Michael Yo, Kristin Dos Santos, Kristina Guerreo and Ken Baker, from E! News.

I caught a glimpse of our busy gossip gurus Marc Malkin and Ted Casablanca from E! Online.  Caught up with pretty people like Ben Lyons and Catt Sadler from the Daily 10, and shot the breeze with G4’s Kevin Pereira as well as Matt Iseman, Danielle Fishel and Jeanie Mai of the Style Network.  It was a night full of mingling with an amazing group of talent.  Makes me very thankful to work with such incredible personalities.  Everyone of them makes me proud to be a part of the E! talent pool.

Read an article about the event at E! Online

Check out the event wrap up we did for E! News Now as well as Kimmy K defending her sis!

Amy poses for Nix and Stones

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I love photography and I love fashion.  They are two of my favorite forms of artistic expression that happen to blend beautifully together.  They complement each other and when combined can created amazing aesthetics.  I recently met a lovely ambitious woman maned Amy Nix, a jewelry designer from the Midwest.  I was at an event and saw a women wearing a unique eye catching necklace.  It turns out, she was modeling a one of a kind piece from Amy’s jewelry line, Nix and Stones.  I was hypnotized by the necklace she was wearing as it combined all the elements I love in a piece of jewelry: bright chunky jewels, funky metals and stand out accents.  The kind woman put Amy and I in touch and the rest is accessory history.  Amy and I met up in LA and along with photographer Joshua Klein, shot a few pics of her latest collection.  Check out her website to get your hands on a beautiful “urban vintage” creations.