April 2012 - Amy Paffrath

Amy competes in Reality Rally

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I’m an adventure junky. When I agreed to compete in the 2nd annual Reality Rally I knew I was going to give it my all. I just didn’t know how sore I would be the next day. It was an amazing day full of laughter, running, and rain.

We solved puzzles, did physical challenges like zip-lining, bull riding and karate, dressed up in Western gear and put on a play and ran all over Old Town Temecula over the 2 hours it took us to complete the challenge.

I’m happy to report my team (from Left), Corinna, Jordan Pious (Amazing Race) , Michele Noonan (Big Brother) came in 4th place! Pretty respectable out of 56 teams. The best part is that all of the money benefits Michelle’s Place, a cancer treatment center in Temecula, where the race was held. We had a blast and I’ll definitely be back next year…to clain. 1st place!!


After the main event, we got to celebrate at the beautiful Monte De Oro Winery.  My fiance’ and I, who came in 1st place in the race (grrr 😉 had a lovely evening dancing and drinking into the night!


Amy’s Assassin Photo Shoot

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For my latest sexy shoot, I teamed up with Jay Sharron, a talented director/DP whom I adore. He had already done 2 shoots for his Assassin series and I was so impressed by what he showed me. Jay had the crazy awesome idea for me to assassinate my fiancé. To my surprise, Drew was game. He liked the dark humor of it. It also felt right to do since we have I kissed a Vampire coming out, which stars the two of us as a devilishly in love couple. No deeper meaning than that. Just a creative interesting series of photos, all for the sake of art.

Check em out, and enjoy!

Assassins: Longing