May 2012 - Amy Paffrath

Amy and the American Cancer Society say “Chose YOU!”

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I value fitness in my life.  It’s important to me to be strong and healthy.  That’s why I gladly participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Choose You” campaign.  The mission is simple.  Get up, get moving and choose play!  Working out doesn’t have to be a chore.  It can be FUN!  I met up with other active actresses Josie Loren, Jessica Stroup, Dot Marie Jones and Genevieve Farrell at the Santa Monica Promenade to show just how much fun physical activity can be.  We spent the day jumping rope, hula hoping and playing skip it.  I also tested out my cheer leading skills and it turns out, I’ve still got it!  We burned some serious calories and you can tell by the looks on our faces, we enjoyed every second of it!  Before we knew it, the day was nearly over.  Time really does fly when you’re having fun.


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Finally, here is the PSA we all participated in.  CHOOSE YOU!

Amy at Ian Somerhalder’s Influence Affair

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I am never one to turn down a party.  Especially in the name of charity.  When I got the invite to Ian Somerhalder’s Influence Affair, I was intrigued.  I was unfamiliar with Ian’s dedication to changing consumerism and conserving our planet.  It turns out he isn’t just a guy putting his face on a campaign.  HE is running the show.  His efforts are not only admirable, they are inspiring.  It reminds me that there is always more we can do!  As if the cause wasn’t enough on its own, Ian threw a great party.  We spend the night dining and mingling under the stars in the backyard of a gorgeous Bel Air home.  It didn’t hurt that the lovely Meredith Adams served as my date.  She’s always a good time.  Read all about the event here.

Here’s an interview I did for the Red Carpet Report with the lovely JJ Snyder.

Dress:  Aryn K


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