Hi. I’m Amy. Thank you for checking out my site. I’m not sure how you ended up here, but I’m glad you found me! You could be spending your time any number of ways, but you are here, on MY site. I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to pay me a visit! I love meeting new people and hearing stories from around the globe

While you’re here, I’ll tell you a little about me. I am an actress and TV host. I’m currently hosting a positive, uplifting talk show co-hosted by Justin Walter in partnership with Focus Magazine. Watch all of the episodes here. Most recently you could find me on VH1’s hit reality series Dating Naked.  Oh, I was also “Mayday Amy” in Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle Fire commercials. Watch those here. You may have caught me holding down the fort with Snooki and The Situation on MTV’S Jersey Shore: After Hours. I’m also in numerous films (here’s a list for you to enjoy) and I occasionally pop up on your favorite sitcom.  Keep an eye out! Oh and if you want to see my resume, here it is: amypaffrath2016resume

I have worked very hard to get to where I am today. It didn’t come easy, but I’ve enjoyed every step of the journey. I may have a dramatic career but I choose to live life as drama free as possible. There is no time for pettiness or cattiness; life is too short. I believe in kindness, encouragement and the power of positive thinking. Anything is possible in the little time we have on earth, in these bodies. Go after what you want and believe in yourself!!

My journey started in St. Louis Missouri on July 22 where I was born to a middle class family. My mom Mary is an incredible woman who always made sure my 6 siblings and I had everything we needed. My late father Mark worked several jobs to provide for his large brood. We had modest means, but somehow my parents managed to make our wishes realities. I definitely learned by example and channel that philosophy and work ethic into my own career. If I want or need something, I figure out how to get it.

As a toddler I took gymnastics and dance and loved performing very early on. I’m the second of 7 kids so I guess I’ve got a bit of the showboat middle child syndrome. With the help of my siblings, I’d put on plays and newscasts in my Grandma’s basement and charge admission, always an entrepreneur!

I was first introduced to broadcasting at St. Thomas Aquinas Mercy High School. I originally worked behind the scenes editing and producing Am in the am. I even designed the set my senior year. I did a few plays but didn’t have much time between my responsibilities as a cheerleader and working a full time job at the awesome Midwest staple, Steak N Shake. I’m proud to say at just 16 I bought my first car, a purple Hyundai accent, with tip money I earned. About this time I got a local modeling agent, Kevin Long with the Edge agency. We remain friends today.

In 2001 I started college at University of Missouri-Columbia where I was a Tiger cheerleader and majored in Journalism. I received a world-class education from a top-notch school. In 2003, I began my on air career anchoring and reporting for KOMU-TV. I’ve always been drawn to entertainment and fashion and craved to live in LA. My junior year, I headed West and completed an internship at Entertainment Tonight alongside Mark Steines and Mary Hart. It was then, in 2004 that my love affair with Hollywood began.

2 years later I moved here for good and haven’t looked back since. I quickly got on air jobs at Direct TV and Fuel TV as well as a casting job at MTV. In 2009 I got the chance to audition for E! I was so excited! I spent the next 3 years appearing on E! News Now every single day as well as interviewing celebs for E! News,co-hosting the Daily 10, and even filling in on G4’s Attack of the Show. Since then I’ve hit the hottest red carpets for TV Guide and served as a guest host on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit. I’m also a budding standup comic! Keep an eye out for me at one of LA’s famed comedy clubs.

Each day is a new adventure and I can’t wait to see what it will bring. I am a passionate girl with a dash of sass and I truly love life. I can’t wait to wake up and see what is in store for me. I love to laugh and I do it as often as I can; it not only enriches the soul, it also gives you great abs. My career is my passion and I love what I do, but nothing means more to me than my family and friends. They know who I am at the core and love me for ALL of me. Fame, money and success come and go, but the people you surround yourself will be there when it all fades. Each year presents wondrous new possibilities. Right now, I’m happy and healthy and having a blast navigating a hectic schedule and thriving career.