All America Rejects World Video Premiere Party - Amy Paffrath

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I’m a big music lover. It can completely change your mood, provide a soundtrack for your day and create a relaxing/hyper/somber/energetic ambiance, whatever you are looking for. I listen to wide variety of music including pop, rock, R & B, jazz and alternative. A band that always makes me happy when it pops up on my ipod is the All American Rejects. It is such great music with thoughtful, powerful lyrics to jam out to. I was invited to attend their world premiere party for Turn on me 3, a viral video campaign for JVC mobile. The event was held at Cinespace in Hollywood (where my film Dinner at Eight premiered 3 years ago) and I was delighted to attend.  I  spent the night dancing and chatting with my girlfriends. Ladies night out is always a rare, welcome change for me 🙂

I wore a dress by Kardashians for Bebe and an amazing bracelet by Kat Giarrantano.  She an I interned together at Entertainment Tonight in 2004 and have remained in contact.  So proud of her! Look how far we’ve come!!

Check out an interview I did with Peter Gonzaga of Pacific Rim Video. You get a lil taste of my singing. HA! At least I’m not like Heidi Montag and flat out refuse to sing for people…I’d say I’m a good sport 😉 Enjoy!

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