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Ever wonder why celebs always seem to have the coolest latest products?  I’ll fill you in a little Hollywood secret: the companies give it to them.  I’m talking trips to spas, Blackberry’s, skin care lines, clothing, purses and jewelry all handed over, no questions asked.  Why?  Because when a celeb is seen using said product, or photographed wearing a budding brand, the company scores priceless free advertising.

One way these companies get their products in the hands of the uber famous is at gifting suites.  I count my lucky stars to be invited to these lavish events.  They usually happen around big awards shows like the Golden Globes, Oscars and even the Teen Choice awards.  The Globes were handed out last Sunday and there were at least 5 suites happening around town in conjunction with the awards.  I was invited to several, but only had time for 2 with my busy work schedule.  My lovely friend Jane from Madison and Mulholland runs a great suite with a twist.; her guests get to make one bag for themselves and create another full of goodies to be auctioned for their favorite charity.  In addition to allowing celebs to choose a charity, the event also benefited Help for Orphans.  Although its really fun to get great stuff for free, It almost feels wrong to go and just fill up on stuff for myself.  That’s what makes Madison and Mulholland so different.  Its not about being selfish and stocking up on amazing products.  Its a way to be exposed to cool new stuff, but also to give back.  For my charity, I of course chose the ALS Association in honor of my late father.

Among the great things I got to take home and add to my charity bag were:  A marvelous statement moonstone right by Dara Ettinger ,recycled denim by Reuse Jeans, delicious wine from Eagle Castle Winery, beauty elixir’s and tea’s by HerbaSway

amazing handbags and jewelry by Charlie Lapson, hair products from Keratin Complex, decadent coffee from Marley Coffee

and so much more.

I sincerely thank each and every person I met for their kindness and generosity.  To return the favor, I make sure to wear my fun pressies on E! News Now, and include them in my blog to get the word out,  like the ring below or my amazing Pink Pewter headbands I got last year.  I’d never have known about such a cool company had a I not been invited.  The relationship I have with Mireya from Pink Pewter is a collaborative and mutually beneficial one.  We have formed a friendship that goes beyond product placement.  I’m thankful for the shiny fun sparkly headbands and all my other goodies, but grateful to meet new people who are also interested in giving back.  Its a win win.  Follow Madison and Mulholland on twitter to find out how you can bid on mine and other stars custom made bags.

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