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One of my favorite Hollywood perks is being able to see movies before they open. For FREE! Especially when its a film I’m dying to see, like 3o Minutes or Less. First of all, I have a HUGE talent crush on Danny McBride. The man is a deadpan genius. Have you seen Eastbound and Down? Go watch it. NOW. We can resume this conversation when you understand what I’m talking about.

Have you peed your pants from laughing too hard? Gross, but great. Danny is at his best in this film. He has delivery that is unparalleled. I just adore his comedic chops. OK Danny aside, this film also has Aziz Ansari. Parks and Recreation anyone? Man, talk about an amazing actor. Now that I’m officially in love with him, I need to go see his stand up, pronto. He steals every scene he is in in 30 mins. He has a delicate balance of honesty, humor and heart. Amazing perfomance. Then we come to The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg. The unlikely hero. Jesse is fantastic too. He is perfectly cast to contrast Aziz’s in your face style. Rounding out the solid cast is Nick Swarsdon. I dont always “get” Nick’s work, but he is a force to be reckoned with who is clearly hitting his stride with this flick.

I absolutely loved the movie. Solid all around. See it on the big screen for sure and do your best to try and forget some of the events that happen in the movie happend in real life. It will depress you beyond belief and this movie is pure comedy god so just go with.

Top: Domino Skirt: Allen B Purse: Lisa Berck Shoes: Zara Ring: Tarina Tarantino

Oh before I go, check out this Just Jared Jr. post. And this Moe Jackson poll asking who looked best on the carpet. You’re going to vote me right? Its your perogative!

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  • herb says:

    I actually did see this poll a few days ago and voted but it just let me vote again. Shhhh dont tell anyone. hehe You’ll never guess who I voted for. 😉

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