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Those of you who have been following my career for a while know that I love a fun night out the town.  When its for business, even better! Two birds, one stone.  I’m big on multi tasking.  Plus, getting all jazzed up for the red carpet is a part of the ‘job’ that I adore.  Especially when there is an itneresting film or great networking event at the end of the step and repeat.

I was invited to attend the premier of a new movie called “Waiting for Forever.”  I honestly hadn’t heard much about this film but had seen posters around town on bus stops and was intrigued.  So I accepted the invitation and got all dolled up for the occasion.  I love an opportunity to celebrate artistic endeavours.

This particular film didn’t really move me or grab my attention.  Its not your typical romantic comedy and I like that about it, however, its a bit choppy and can’t really decide what it wants to be.  Rachel Bilson is cute as a button but regardless of her characters current woes,  doesn’t have a whole lot to work with.   Tom Sturridge plays the whole Peter Pan syndrome thing well, but I found it  very hard to suspend reality and go with the storyline.  Tom’s character doesn’t feel like a lovable misfit, he feels like a certifiably crazy person in need of some serious therapy.  I’ve got nothing against working out your issues!  I think we could all benefit from talking some things out with professionals.  Bottom line:  all movies can’t be Lars and the Real Girl, though I appreciate a the effort!   Let’s face it, The Pit and the Pendulum wasn’t an incredible piece of cinema so who am I to talk.  But, I was with my favorite guy and the food at the after party was amazing, so yeah, it was a good night 😉

Dress: Luis Carlos Machicao Shoes: H & M  Earrings: Lisa Freede

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