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Hi there! I’m sure a lot of new visitors to my website either caught me hanging with Snooki and co. on Jersey Shore: After Hours (fist pump!) or came here looking for my email address so they could write me a scathing message about my comment on the America’s Got Talent winner. For the latter, ill save you the trouble. My email is feel free to reach out, I’d love to hear from you! Oh and isn’t it funny I call myself an actress?! ha! I’m all about irnony so stay tuned for more!

If you missed the clip, and have no idea what im talkimg about, here it is;>1=28150’%20rel=’nofollow

As the host of MSN’s Last Night on TV, it is my job to watch the biggest shows on TV and recap what happened in a humorous and opinionated fashion. We are NOT a news show. We, meaning my producer, editor and I, have been following AGT from day one. Had you been following LNOTV from that point, you’d have known I was routing for Anna Graceman, then when she was eliminated, ILuminate. The judges seemed to be to too, calling them the most original act and giving them standing ovations. So I was utterly shocked to see a singer beat them out. When I watched the results, my honest reaction was “I wouldn’t pay to see him,” to which my producer replied “me neither,” and then my editor, “Me neither!”. Keep in mind we are all 20 something females, though I am white, my producer and editor are Asian. We are NOT Landaus target market and we discussed that if we all felt that way, surly some Americans mirrored our sentiments. (need proof? Read the comments on any AGT message board, we were not alone. heres a good example : )The decision was made, by committee, to put the comment in the show… and the backlash began. Here are a few of the lovely comments I received via email:

“you are a sick bitch”
“ugly ass c*** sucker”
“talentless nobody”
“go back to high school cheerleading”
“elitist and racist”

My heart goes out the people who wrote such mean spirited personal attacks on me. It’s sad to me that these people took a rather innocent remark about my personal music presence and blew it up into a race issue. Let me clarify what i meant. Landau won a million dollars and the chance to headline his own VEGAS show. When I, a 28 year old woman, go to Vegas, I’m out to have a good time. Vegas, for me, Amy Paffrath, is about spectacle and indulgence. I get to choose how I spend my hard earned American dollars, and so do YOU! The next time I go to Las Vegas, i plan to splurge on one of 7 Cirque du Soleil shows. I might then hit up one of Vegas’ premiere nightclubs and *gasp* indulge in a libation or 2. If I was looking for a more mellow weekend, I’d probably go to a quaint seaside town like Santa Barbara which is lovely this time of year by the way. I would not go to Vegas and pay to watch a man, black, white, Puerto Rica or Asian, singing old fashioned music. Landau is a talented man, I never said he wasnt. I’m not taking that away from him. Celine Dion is amazingly talented, but you know what, I probably wouldn’t spend the money to see her show either. I don’t know why that personally offends so many. There are other shows that appeal to my preferences. That’s it! There was no charged meaning behind it. I am thrilled he went from being a car washer to a millionaire! That’s the Americsn dream at it’s core! I sincerely hope all of the very vocal Landau fans fly to Vegas and see him on opening night. I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is! Sitting at home writing me hate mail isn’t helping Landaus career. He won the show and a million bucks. That’s awesome! This is only the beginning for him. Now it’s time for his fans to buck up or shut up. It’s not enough to just call in and vote. To really support his career, you gotta keep him relevant and get your booty to Sin City.

In closing let me also mention that I am CHEAP! I grew up poor with 6 siblings. I am very picky about what I spend my money on. I’m addicted to Groupon and Living Social. I’m a deal hunter who clips coupons! There are a lot of things I wouldn’t pay for. The positive out of all of this is that it’s helped me find a great catch phrase. Look out for “I wouldn’t pay for that!” t-shirts, coming soon!

Lastly a bit if advice: never be afraid to voice your opinion. We live in a free country, what a beautiful thing that is! We cannot knock others down for expressing opinions we don’t agree with. Its a huge slap in the face to the men and women who are dying in combat so that we might have these rights. I will not be silenced. Neither should you.

Shout out to Obama, Oprah and Mrs Buttersworth. Mad love to you all!

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