Amy gets Hot in Cleveland with Joe Jonas - Amy Paffrath

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I swear my job gets cooler and cooler every day!  I’m always thrilled to find out what my next adventure will be and which celebs I’ll be rubbing elbows with.  I realize I was the envy of tweens worldwide on my latest assignment.  I was told I’d be interviewing one third of the Jo Bro trio, Joe Jonas for the Daily10.  I was super excited to visit him on set of one of the most buzzed about sitcoms this year Hot In Cleveland. Joe is guest staring as Valerie Bertinelli’s son  in a episode airing August 11th.  I was looking forward to watching them shoot a scene of the show, and possibly catch a glimpse of the legendary Betty White.  Alas she wasn’t shooting that day but still I was  delighted to be able to speak withTV veteran Miss Bertinelli.  She was super sweet and down to earth and complementary of my hair, just like Megan Fox.  LOL if I had a dollar for every hair comment, I’d be a rich lady.  Kudos to my fab colorist Autumn Sanders 😉

Joe Jonas was mellow and cool to talk to as well.  It was a little tough to interview him because we were only given 5 minutes and I had to interview them as a pair, which  makes asking personal questions a bit awkward, but part of my job.  Watch how it plays out below. Is he dating Ashley Green!?  Still not sure…  God bless seasoned actress Valerie for teaching Joe how to dodge questions.  I doubt he’d be so tough without his mommy around 😉  I’m only playfully teasing, no harm no foul!  We are excited to have Joe Jonas co-host the Daily 10 on Monday.  Tune in to see if saucy Catt Sadler can get him to dish some dirt!


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