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Today, June 7th 2010, I realized a dream.  I got to interview my favorite band, Hanson.

Taylor, Zac, Amy, Isaac

In 1997, I was just out of grade school.  A hyper 13 year old, full of life and bouncing with energy.  I discovered a band called  Hanson after seeing their bright colored, eclectic, retro-ish video for MMMbop on MTV.  I was instantly hooked by the upbeat rhythm and happy vibe.  I went out and bought the single at Wal-mart and played it nonstop for everyone I knew.

Over the next several years, my adoration for this gifted musical trio grew.  At one point, my bedroom was covered ceiling to floor with posters torn from the pages of Bop and Teen Beat.  I was smitten.

At the Pagent in St. Louis MO

I bought all 4 our their studio releases (Middle of Nowhere, This Time Around, Underneath, The Walk) in addition to some foreign singles I had my mom hunt down at Boarders.  I was more than a fan, I was fanatic.  I had a life size cut-out of Zac, Taylor and Isaac that I got from a local record store.  It displayed all of my books and cd’s.  I have been to more than a few of their concerts.  My parents even drove my siblings (begrudgingly) and I to Nashville to see them when I was 15. (Thank you mom and dad!) It was their infectious cheerful music that kept me coming back for more.   While I was growing up and making my way through high school and college, the boys kept touring and putting out albums all the while growing into a more mature sound.

Flash forward to present day and I am still a die hard fan.  As soon as I heard their new single Thinkin bout Somethin, I was tapping my feet.  I had an inkling E! might eventually be interested in their return to pop music.  So, I put out some feelers, planted some seeds in the ears of the people who could potentially put me on the story.  Sure enough, E! booked the guys for an interview.  I immediately campaigned to do it, making it known there would be zero research necessary as I have so much Hanson trivia stored in my brian.  I have kept up with their career while most of the public forgot the existed.

I was so excited to hear that I was in fact going to interview my childhood idols.  I met the guys at the Gibson showroom in Beverly Hills and we talked about everything from their new album, to crazed fans, to the Jo Bros, to their touring entourage.

It was a surreal day that I will never forget.  What I loved most about it is that we were mono e mono.  Same playing field.  Reporter and artist, not fan and superstars.  It was probably the easiest interview Ive ever done.  It required very little prep on my part and caused me no stress at all.  I was ready, I’ve been ready for 13 years. The questions just kept flowing from one to the next.  At the end we took some pictures and the guys performed their new single, Thinkin bout Somethin.  I sat and watched in awe, soaking in every moment of my private performance wondering, how did I get here!?  Before we left I thanked the guys for their time.  Isaac told me how cool it is to meet people like me, who have been there along the way and know what the band is all about.  He said its awesome that fans have become reporters and are getting to interview them.  “Its a different kind of conversation,” he told me.

Mid-convo with Hanson at the Gibson showroom

That’s exactly what it was; an easy interesting conversation with what felt like old friends.  It was so nice to have a laid back chat with musicians I admire so much.  I wish them the best with their new record, Shout it Out in stores June 8th.  Go get it, find out for yourself what I am talking about it.  It’s chock full of the beautiful 3 part harmonies the band is famous for as well as R & B infused pop/rock tracks making it a perfect summer sound track. Check out the video for their single Thinkin bout Somethin here and stayed tuned for the interview air-date.  Don’t miss the magic.

Keep up with Hanson and Gibson on twitter.

Peace, love and bulletproof marshmallows.


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