Amy lunches with powerful women - Amy Paffrath

I was absolutley thrilled to be invited to the 2nd Annual Varitey’s Power of Women luncheon.  After all I was asked to dine with the likes of Eva Mendez, Katie Holmes, Diane Lane, Maria Bello, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner, Susan Bymel and Lily Tomlin.  How could a girl possibly pass that up?  I couldn’t and I wouldn’t.

The  women Variety chose to honor are not only talented and stunning, but they have humongous hearts and spend a lot of time and energy giving back.  For that, I deeply respect them.   It is admirable that Variety honors a new crop of philanthropic ladies each year, celebrating their selfless work.

I arrived at the Beverly Hills Hotel to the longest and liveliest press line I’ve ever seen.  I followed Maria Bello on the carpet which was just surreal and almost ridiculous!  ME, following Mario Bello!??   She’s incredible, beautiful and turns out, hilarious  from what I heard during her speech later in the program.

As I made my way down the press line, there were so many flashbulbs  in my eyes I really was blinded by the light! I couldn’t focus on any one person, so I just moved my head toward the sounds of shouting.  I enjoy posing for pictures but this was pretty intense.   I’m not used to all of this and I’m not sure I ever will be, but its fun and oh so glamorous!

I made my way in to give a toast to powerful women around the world with Godiva liqueur, a sponsor of the event.  I sipped on a decadent chocolate infused vodka cocktail which was absolutely indulgent.  I was introduced to so many wonderful people from the Art of Elysium, a fantastic organization which brings the arts to children in the hospital fighting serious illnesses. I’m attending an orientation in  week to get started working with them!   I also met the fabulous folks at Park Lane Jewels who so generously gifted me some bling to wear on my show.

I was very excited to chat up Mr. Josh Brolin, whom ive interviewed on The Daily 10.  He is such a cool guy.  A real manly man.  He was there to support his wife, Diane as she was being honored that afternoon.

Inside I listened to many inspiring women speak about the various charities they are involved with.  Maria Bella said it best, “If we don’t do it, who will!”  Right on sister!  Lily Tomlin had the line of the day when she said, “Giving back is the new putting out.”  Absolutely hysterical.

Unfortunately the life of an actor isn’t all about leisure.  Midway through the presentation, I had to dart out for an audition.

I left with a huge smile on my face and a joy radiating deep from within.  I feel honored to have spent a few hours  in such awe inspiring company.  Truly a “pinch me” Hollywood afternoon.


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