Amy poses for Nix and Stones - Amy Paffrath

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I love photography and I love fashion.  They are two of my favorite forms of artistic expression that happen to blend beautifully together.  They complement each other and when combined can created amazing aesthetics.  I recently met a lovely ambitious woman maned Amy Nix, a jewelry designer from the Midwest.  I was at an event and saw a women wearing a unique eye catching necklace.  It turns out, she was modeling a one of a kind piece from Amy’s jewelry line, Nix and Stones.  I was hypnotized by the necklace she was wearing as it combined all the elements I love in a piece of jewelry: bright chunky jewels, funky metals and stand out accents.  The kind woman put Amy and I in touch and the rest is accessory history.  Amy and I met up in LA and along with photographer Joshua Klein, shot a few pics of her latest collection.  Check out her website to get your hands on a beautiful “urban vintage” creations.

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