Amy poses for the NOH8 Campaign - Amy Paffrath

Whats up world wide web?

I have been a huge supporter of the NOH8 Campaign ever since California voted Prop 8 into effect last November.  I sought out a way to get involved and found something that’s both artistic and has a wide reach.   Celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshely started the NOH8 Campaign  to protest a law many of us are against.  What began as a simple silent protest has turned into a widespread viral campaign to reverse Prop 8.  The concept is simple: every day citizens posing in white t shirts against a white background, bearing a NOH8 symbol on their cheek, their mouth taped, symbolizing their voice not being heard.  Since Adam started this project, it has grown to include many celebrity endorsers.  I corralled some start power and brought some of my “I Kissed a Vampire” cast mates Drew Seeley, Lucas Grabeel, Emily Morris and Autumn Grabeel along for an unofficial cast photo.  What better way to lend my support than to bring along my amazing supportive friends?  We had a great time at the shoot and are so excited to share the photos with the world.  I’ll post as soon as I have them, be on the look out!  For now, Just Jared Jr. posted a behind the scenes look, check it out!

Drew, Lucas, Autumn, Amy, Emily

For more information or to get involved, check out

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