N Brown Clothing Shoot - Amy Paffrath

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What’s up world!?

I just celebrated my 4th anniversary of living in Los Angeles!  Exciting right!?  I can’t believe its been that long already, its really flown by.  Still, its pretty incredible to look back and see how much progress I’ve made in 4 short years.  I’ve really found my place in this city in all aspects of my life: career, home life and friends.  Its hard to find good friends in general but even harder in a city as cut throat as LA.

My very first job in this wondrous city  was promoting Vcast service for Verizon wireless.  It was destiny that I booked that particular project because I met some of the most influential inspiring forces in my life today that fateful week.  One being a pretty awesome chick that’s gone from the humble beginnings of demoing cell phones to starring in the Wayan’s Brothers hit, Dance Flick.  She ‘claimed’ me as a friend the day we met eyes across a board room table and I’m glad she did.  Christina Murphy is a bright shining light with incredible talent, magnetic energy and a true zest for life.  I’m so proud to call her my friend.  She and I have remained close based on that one temporary job 4 years ago.

Just last week we joined forces for a fashion line called N Brown Clothing.  Its a pleasure and a privilege to work with your friends especially Christina because she is a riot and always fun to be around.  Truly a rare mix of sexy, smart and silly.

This is city all about connections and I’m eternally grateful that she introduced me to the sweet and humble Koury Angelo who is a phenomenal photographer.  We shot these ads for N. Brown’s new women’s line.  It not hard to get a great end product when you start with such a high quality of talent.  All of the styles shown and many more are available here.

When you find good people, hold on to them and make sure they know what they mean to you.

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