No Kid Hungry

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As children across America head back to school, we think about what we can do to arm children with the tools to succeed.  It’s hard to believe that 1 in 5 kids in America go to school without a very basic tool, breakfast, every day.  Not eating breakfast increases trips to the school nurse and decreases focus.  Kids fall behind and struggle in school.  That’s why I am happy to support the No Kid Hungry campaign. We want to help Tyson, Citibank and Kellogg’s get breakfast in schools where children need it.tumblr_inline_nu4ez4FqRf1tww8sv_540

Dawn McCoy from the Beauty Frosting, brought a lovely group of ladies together at The District in Los Angeles including actresses Lacey Chabert and Angel Parker, and fellow bloggers Lynn Chen of The Actor’s Diet and Megan Kimble author of Unprocessed.

IMG9543611_2We played with our food and made necklaces with beads and fruit loops, then used sidewalk chalk to share our favorite meals as kids.IMAG1992

One way we can all get involved is to support their Dine-Out Program, where restaurants like The Counter, IHOP, Denny’s, and Hugo’s will donate a portion of their proceeds for the month of September. Eating out and giving back? Sounds good to me! IMAG1999