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Watch Amy In Do Over

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Amy’s romantic comedy, Do-Over, co-starring Jonathan Bennett, Gina Field and husband Drew Seeley is available now on all VOD platforms. Look for it on iTunes, Xbox Live, Dish, and many others.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here:

Amy’s film ‘Do Over’ out Oct 11

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I’m so excited for all of you to see this hilarious, charming indie rom com about a group of LA friends who try and re-do their first sexual experience. It co-stars writer/producer Gina Field, Jonathan Bennett, Zack Lively and my handsome husband Drew Seeley.

Check out the trailer here:

see exclusive pics extended trailers here and and look out for the film on VOD October 11th!

Amy as Zooey Deschanel in Top Story! Weekly

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Hey guys! I got the chance to play the adorkable Emmy nominated star of New Girl, Zooey Deschanel in the best sketch show in Los Angeles, Top Story! Weekly. It was a blast to step into her quirky, upbeat, vintage shoes. It made me want to be Jess all the time. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!  Always looking for new characters to try.  Who do you think I should tackle next?

Both sketches directed by:  Michael Hughes

Written by
Kaitlin Beauchemin

Mike McLendon
Amy Paffrath
Kipleigh Brown

Also, here is the very first sketch I have written for the show!  I also play the bootylicious J-LO.  Check it out!

Amy Paffrath

Matt Harris
Mike McLendon
Matt Moore
Amy Paffrath
Corey Podell


Amy wins a prestigious award

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A leisurely Saturday night dinner with some amazing friends and colleagues suddenly turned into a full blown awards show! My dear friend Charlie Band had gathered us all for great food, wonderful conversation, and surprise adoration. It was a treat. I was given the 1st award of the night “The sizzling jizz award for media madness from beyond,” naturally. I was a shoe in! Below are my fellow award winning actress, Jessica Morris on the left and Robyn Syndey on the right. We had an amazing time laughing and enjoying time with the Full Moon Family. It’s rare to find loyal people in Hollywood and this is a group worth knowing!


Amy host Jersey Shore: After Hours

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Ladies in gents, 2 shows down and one to go! Have you been enjoying my work as host of the Jersey Shore: After Hours?  I had a blast filming with the cast.  At times, I felt like Jerry Springer but I fully enjoyed dipping my pinky toe in their crazy world!  I think I look good as a  If you missed it, watch the full episodes here.

A Meatball Sandwich

Last After Hours airs September 29th, 11/10 central on MTV.