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But first, let me take a selfie.

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I’m training to run 4 miles as part of relay team LA ROX in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on September 14th. While that doesn’t seem like a far distance, I’m not a runner. By any stretch of the imagination. I like to do social activities disguised as fitness. Acro Yoga, boxing, gymnastics, hiking and boot camp classes fill my schedule each week. I love people, I love NOT focusing on the fact that what I’m doing is physically good for me.

(Acro yoga with Soyela Yoga)

Running has always made me feel isolated and stuck with, well…just me. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it. I do have a profound fear of being alone. Even though you can run with someone or in a group, it doesn’t require the participation of anyone else. It requires you to zone in on you and be comfortable there for a while. I like groups. Energy. Competition. Support. Encouragement. All of which you can get in running, but more than likely your running parter is wearing headphones and in THEIR own zone. And chances are, they like it there. I’m learning to like it too.

I’ll be posting every day for the next 14 days on my new Fitness page.

Dating Naked Episode 6: Get my Looks

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Well, that episode certainly has some twists and turns would you say? We our first contestant, Angelica, decide to leave, Ashley was torn between two lovers, and Gregg finally found a girl who appreciated his humor! Plus, now the secret is out! Ashley & Alika will take their commitment one step further with a Dating Naked wedding special airing September 18th on VH1! Will the bride wear white? Or nothing at all? Tune in to find out!

Here’s how you can get MY looks from episode 6.
Look 1:
Lush Heels: Vince

Earrings: Free Press (available at Nordstrom)
Bracelet: Jewelmint

Look 2:

Dress: BCX Heels: Splendid

Earrings: Free Press (available at Nordstrom)
Ring: Feel Good Collections
Hair & make up: Jessica Faraday
Styling: Meesh Daranyihere!

Amy & Drew celebrate 1 year of marriage

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A year ago today, I was standing in the beach on Key West, marrying my handsome prince. I can’t believe time has flown so fast! You know what that means, we must be having fun! We are. I can’t believe how amazing our first year has been. It was an absolutely perfect wedding day then, and even more beautiful to look back on now. We would like to share our special day with you. Video shot and edited by Matt Yoakum & Rebecca Zamolo. Featuring “Lucky” performed by Lucas Grabeel & Emily Morris. Recorded and mixed by Brandon Slavinski.

To my handsome husband: it’s been an incredible journey so far! May our future always be brighter than our past. I love you Drew!

Amy’s Entry in the Neuro Film Festival

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I created this documentary for the 2012 Neuro Film Festival in memory of my father who passed away from ALS, also know as Lou Gehrig’s disease, in 2009.  It chronicles my family’s story after my dad was diagnosed with the disease. You can watch the video below and then be sure to vote for it here.  Help raise awareness for ALS by sharing the video with your friends.

To vote, you must visit the 2012 Neuro Film Festival’s page, click VOTE, register a user name and password and then scroll down and click “The Packrat’s

Thank you for watching and helping me bring awareness to this important cause.


UPDATE!  IF my video wins, one lucky winner will become the owner of a sweet pair of Persol sunglasses worth $250!!!  Help my video get the most views and when the video wins, check back here and I’ll give you instructions to win the glasses.  HUGE thanks to my friend Jose for graciously donating the sweet specs in order to help me raise awareness for a very important cause.  Start spreading the word and these glasses could be yours!!

Amy visits the set of Bridesmaids

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I’m very impressed by funny people, especially funny women. What can I say, I love to laugh, its good for the soul. Comedy is a delicate art and something that I love exploring. I got the chance to visit the set of what is sure to be a very funny movie. Bridesmaids is an upcoming film produced by Judd Apatow starring Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig. From the scene I witnessed being filmed that night, its going to be a girlie giggle fest. I was thrilled to speak to 2 SNL alum as it something I aspire to be someday.

As I try to make that dream a reality, another dream was realized and I’m so thankful for the amazing opportunity I was given.  The Daily 10 comes to an end today after 4 and half years.   I thought it would be good to go out in style with what the D10 does best: inform and catch you up to speed on the hottest stories of the day, all while providing some witty insight and comedic commentary. I’m so blessed to have worked alongside the warm and humble Sal Masakela and the beautiful and always classy Catt Sadler. Bigger and better things await these two.  They are simply too talented not to share their gifts.  I was a small stroke on the gorgeous canvas they painted day after day.   I am thrilled that I had the chance to watch them work and get to know them as people.  I only hope that I am lucky enough to work with people even a fraction as cool in the future.

As the show closes, I wanted to share a clip from one of my appearances on the program.  I will always hold my work with the Daily 10 close to my heart.  It was truly a dream job.  They gave me free reign to be myself and have fun with the interviews.  And that I did.   I will miss the incredible staff that made the show as wonderful as it was.  I have no doubt you will see much more incredible television brought to you by the 10 Team.

Goodbye’s are a hard but necesarry part of life.  We want to hold on, but have no idea the magical things the universe is making room for.