Dating Naked week 9: Get my looks - Amy Paffrath

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On this weeks episode, Juliet found her Romeo in an unlikely suitor: Cole, a self proclaimed train wreck of a man she had previously met but never considered romantically. Sean, on the other hand, pretty much sabotaged his chances at love on all 3 dates with his juvenile antics. This weeks episode still kept the laughs coming. Tune in next week to see the very first Naked Wedding on VH1! While the cast are always sans clothes, you can find out how to get my looks right here!
Look 1:
Dress: BCX available at Macys
Shoes: SplendidIMG_0831.JPGIMG_0830.JPG

Look 2:
Dress: Splendid
Shoes: Splendid IMG_0834.JPGIMG_0832.JPG


Hair and make up Jessica Faraday
Styling: Meesh Daranyi

This weeks catchphrase: #AmyIsHotter
Watch Cole get bit by an ant on his family jewels in the blooper reel!