Easy Breezy Beautiful! - Amy Paffrath

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I recently got the
amazing opportunity
to work with Drew Barrymore on her latest cover girl campaign. Here is a pic of me in a blond wig, that’s because the last time I stood in for her, she and I had the same hair color. But you know us girls, gotta switch it up! She looks incredible as a blond or brunette.

Working with her again was an inspiration for me. To see an actress, who’s been doing this literally her entire life, get excited about her latest gig is so refreshing. She was literally giddy to utter the famous phrase, Easy Breezy Beautiful. It was so cute. I loved seeing that excitement in her after all these years. It told me to be patient and let the universe unfold the way it should! OH, fun fact! We shot the commercial on same lot as the new J.O.N.A.S show and my first day, I strolled up with ray bans on and who do I see, all 3 Jo Bros chillin at a picnic table eating lunch craning their necks to see who I was! LOL, toooooo funny! Man Hollywood is so amazing!

I’ve included a couple pics from my camera phone, who knows someday soon I could utter that famous phrase, would make me pretty giddy too!

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