Goin out for a good cause - Amy Paffrath

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hey guys!

I went to a couple of great charity events this week.
First, the Visual Impact event benefiting Boys and Girls club of Hollywood and the Pepsi 500 Running wide open event. I ran into old friends at both events which is always fun. I got to catch up with Shane Drake, who directed me in Misery Business. He’s up for a few VMA’s this year! And Paramore is going to perform the hit Misery Business, maybe they’ll play the vid, a girl can hope!

I love being involved in charities because it’s so important to think beyond ourselves and do things, regarless of how big or small, to help others.

A small donation on your part could have a major impact on the person you give to.

Get inspired to give back!
We have blessed lives 🙂

Have a great labor day weekend.

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