How I Met Tenedra from Scream Queens - Amy Paffrath

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Happy St. Paddy’s day everyone!  
I’ve had a coupla TV appearance last week, the latest was my set visit with the cast of How I Met Your Mother.  Watch the clip that aired on E! News right here:

I’ll have up video from my interview with Taylor Hicks very soon as well as my appearance on Headline News Prime News. 
Before I leave you a fun story only in Hollywood! da da da da da da da Hollywood!  Man, I love living in this city.  Not only is it sunny nearly every day, brimming with talent and opportunities, but you just never know who you’ll meet from day to day.  Last week I had the extreme pleasure of running into the winner of VH1’s Scream Queens, Tenedra. I must admit I was an avid watcher.  Great television people.  These were girls duking it out for their break into acting, getting weekly coaching, doing stunts, living in a house with other dramatic ladies, it was rivoting.  Well as luck should have it, I was dining at my favorite wing joint, Hooters (yes I really like their wings.)

 Whadaya know that our waitress for the evening was none other than the scream queen herself.  The others at my table told me not to say anything as they thought she would be embarrassed.  But from my own personal experience, people rarely get embarrassed when recognized for their talent.   So I simply told her I think she’s a great actress.  True statement, she really is a talented actress.  Living up to my expectations, she smiled largely and was very grateful by the complement.  She told me all about being on the show.  It sounded fun and horrendous all at once.  Before we headed out to catch that nights taping of the Soup with the amazing Joel McHale, I snapped a pic with the star of the upcoming Saw VI.   Break  leg Tenedra!  You’ll be fantastic!

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