Teen Choice '08 - Amy Paffrath

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I was fortunate enough to be invited to this years Teen Choice Awards.

It was a fun event indeed. I think I’m deaf for a few days do to the swarms of literally screeching teens, but I then remind myself I was one of those screeching teens just a few years ago.

My fave moments were ACDC kicking some major ass in the dance off, although Fergie gave the honor to hostess Miley’s crew (no surprise there), the adorable Beckham boys in matching yellow polo’s donnin Jabawakee’s masks at one point, and finding an awesome pair of black RayBan’s that no one in my section seemed to want to claim (I hope they’re Zac Efrons!!!)

Next year, I’ll either be presenting, hosting red carpet or supporting my boo as he accepts his surfboard for Choice Male 🙂 Only time will tell.


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