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It seems I always try to cram as much into one day as humanly possible! What can I say, I thrive when pushed and live for a bit of chaos in my life. This past weekend was no exception.
On Saturday I took an amazing class taught by Howard Fine and his incredible staff.
Of the 40 or so students in class, myself and my scene partner were amongst the 5 chosen to actually work in class. I discovered some things about myself that I was unaware of.
I hardly ever get nervous at auditions or when performing but something about this situation made me giddy with nervous energy. I was anxious to show this renown acting coach my skills, but scared of what he would say at the same time. To my relief, all three men on the panel had great things to say.
David Coury, the vocal coach, kept making comments about how fiery I am! That’s pretty accurate. He also gave me some pointers on how to improve my voice. The way I pronounce my ‘W’s’ being one of those little nuances that go unnoticed in my daily life.
Jean-Louis Rodrigue complemented my relaxed and confident persona, and Howard himself gave me some great pointers to improve performance. All in all it was a very helpful workshop.
Shortly after class I headed to meet a friend and help out with a pilot he is shooting. I can’t say much but it involves puppets and humans living in the same society, ala Avenue Q. I haven’t seen the finished product yet, but it was so much fun to shoot.
Sunday I started my day shooting a scene for my friend Jason Pagan’s directing class at USC. I got to work with an extremely talented actress named Hollis Zemany (http://holliszemany.net). We did the scene a few times and by the last few takes we were kept getting stronger and better and Jason wanted to keep shooting. We wrapped around 2 and that gave me time to run home before heading out again for pick up shots.
I ended my weekend shooting just 3 short shots that were the missing links in Siamese Connection. Hopefully that will complete the project and I’ll have something to show very soon. I’m proud of this project. It was complicated seeing as though I played my own twin, but fun. I’m always up for a challenge and adventure. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!
Today I’m back at E! working away. There is a new Big Debate up today too. I go head to head with Deborah Wilson from MadTV, everyone loves two girls going at it, huh?
That’s all for now, MUAH!

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