Youth Run 4 Haiti - Amy Paffrath

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I’m sure you are all well aware of the aftermath of the devastating 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti on January 12th.  The damage and loss of life was immense and is no where close to being restored.  There are so many ways to get involved and lend a helping hand.  We cannot simply sit back and do nothing.  When people are hurting and in need, we must help them.  One way I got involved was with an event hosted by Josh Duhamel called Youth Run 4 Haiti.  It was a 2 mile beach run in Santa Monica.  Held in conjunction with the Red Cross, participants were asked to donate $10 to be part of the event.  There was huge turn out.  More than 3000 people turned up to run for Haiti.  That’s over $30000!  I figured, I am lucky to be able bodied and this is just one small symbolic gesture to raise awareness and money for a cause in dire need of attention right now.

I was joined by Drew Seeley, Matt Kemp, Gregg Sulkin, Olesya Rulin, Molly Sims and of course the host Josh Duhamel.  Find out how YOU can help and do something, big or small.  Funds are tight for everyone, but realize that the people in Haiti have nothing.  We have so much to be thankful for.  You get what you give, so give generously. Check out Red Cross, Mercy Corps or Youth Run 4 Haiti for ways to get involved.

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